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What Is Under Vehicle Search Mirror? What Is Under Vehicle Search Mirror?

When some failure happened to your car, you often ask the car repair center to have your car checked and repaired. The invention of vehicle detection makes car repair more convenient. In the repairing progress, a under vehicle search mirror is often used to check the bottom of the car.

Maybe you will ask what is under vehicle search mirror. Now let's have a brief introduction about it.

What is under vehicle search mirror? In order to answer the question, you have to know its construction firstly. Generally speaking, the under vehicle search mirror consists of a mirror and a telescoping handle. The under vehicle search mirror is equipped with adjustable swivel for infinite adjustment and adjustable torch mount to have the idea light source, which will bring you a lot of convenience. Most under vehicle search mirror are equipped with wheels for convenience. The owing of the castle wheel design makes it to move the mirrors easily for searching. The mirror is a 12" convex acrylic mirror, which is high strength shatterproof and has only half weight of the ordinary size glass mirror. This mirror is bright and not easy to break and can efficiently prevent the collision damage to itself. Another special aspect is the lightweight adjustable handle, which is with black foam cotton and owns good grip. And the handle has two types, one type is easy to coordinate and search on the ground, while the other is an ergonomically designed handle and suitable for light raised searching task.

Moreover, if you want to get further answer of what is under vehicle search mirror, you have to read its parameter. The overall material of the product accords with the ROHS (restriction of the use of certain hazardous substance) process standard, so there is no need to worry about the material safety. The rod adopts aluminum which is resist to rust and has light weight. The mirror sizes is 12″and its Max Rods Length is 42″ to 51. Wheel quality is Tripod ball bearing caster wheels. The light source is LED torch.

You might think under vehicle search mirror is only used to check car failures. Actually, under vehicle search mirror plays an important role in many areas. This under vehicle search mirror can be applied in sports meetings, important meetings, local police station, saloon bar, large factory, gymnasium, theaters, and assembly rooms to park cars and check whether there are explosive and dangerous goods under the vehicle. What's more, under vehicle search mirror can be used in the airport terminal slit to safety check, in stop and check, in militarized zone and personal cars.

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