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Solar Heating Collector Measuring Point

The solar heating collector prototype is set in outdoor environment so as to make the data of heating capacity, power more accessible in further analysis. Such factors as the solar heating collector current and energy efficiency ratio of the solar water heater also need to be considered. Moreover, in order to measure the solar heating collector temperature, pressure and flow rate, we need to make use of such tools as pressure gauges, flow meters and isolation valves. In some cases, they need to be installed at certain parts of the solar heating collector. The sensors of solar heating collector measuring point are in general connected with data acquisition instrument and all the data are recorded in an automatic manner during the solar heating collector test. Suction and discharge pressure and temperature inside the solar heating collector can be recorded along with the temperature of hot water. This can also be observed along with the rise of solar heating collector water tank temperature.

Discharge pressure and temperature of solar heating collector the compressor can be represented in spite of the variation in the range of suction pressure and temperature. This is because such kind of difference is not enough to keep the solar heating collector invariable. Because condensing solar heating collector pressure and temperature tend to gradually increase during the gradual advance of hot water temperature in the course of solar water heating collector heating in a circular manner. In the situation of invariable solar heating collector evaporating pressure, compression ratio can be increased and specific volume of suction can be increased as well in the solar water heater. The same goes for the circulating mass and volumetric efficiency even when the environmental temperature changes. The solar heating collector suction temperature might be on the decrease with the decline of the environmental temperature.

For instance, if the temperature of hot water in the solar heating collector can be more than fifty degrees, then the discharge temperature can reach up to ninety degrees under the condition of environmental temperature that is less than forty degrees. So a new type of air source heat pump water heater is marked with Double tank water heater function through medial injection in the course of compression. The experimental prototype of Double tank water heater function is set up on operation characteristics in three different operation conditions. The result of Double tank water heater function shows the solar geyser systems could operate safely as long as the temperature of the compressor does not exceed over one hundred and five degrees under the difference conditions. The Double tank water heater function is capable of controlling liquid injection into the cavity of the compressor so as to ensure the reliability and safety of heat pump water heater in low temperatures.