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48VDC Solar Power System Power Supply for Telecom Base Station-Shw48500, Remote Monitoring

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48VDC Solar System Power Supply for Telecom Base Station-Shw48500

SOROTEC SHW48500 Series Solar DC Power Systems adopts advanced MCU  and Max Power Point Tracking technology to provide reliable and high efficiency  48V DC power supply output for  telecom equipments. with flexible modular structure for MPPT solar charge controller module and rectifier module .Doorframe designed with waterproof structure  particularly suitable for outdoor installation.

Power plant or substation power for controlling, protection and automatic device, emergency lighting, communications, steam turbine DC oil pump and so on independent DC systems. It can provide reliable power supply in the case of a power failure completely in plant or substation. The traditional DC systems connect battery pack and run with float charging mode. The new DC system run with silicon controlled rectifying power supply for battery.
48VDC Solar Power System Power Supply for Telecom Base Station-Shw48500, Remote Monitoring

Key Features:
1.Adopt advanced MCU microprocessor control technology
2.Advanced MPPT Technology.High converting efficiency higher than 97% for
  minimizing energy loss.
3.Reversed current protection at night.over voltage and reverse polarity protection
4.Capable of selection different charging mode fo various types of batteries
5.Protection degree:IP55
6.Industy-leading power density compact size and high reliability
7.Doorframe designed with waterproof structure, posted on the seal and equipped  with wateerproof lock in the door double insulation design
8.Cabine adopt quality galvanized wheet or aluminum coated steel sheet as material,   surfce coating anti-UV power
9.Suitable for outdoor installation
10.With remote monitoring system operation


48VDC Solar Power System Power Supply for Telecom Base Station-Shw48500, Remote Monitoring

Fine dust-proof, water-proof features
According to the overall standard of design dust-proof and water-proof IP55
1.With sun protection, heat insulation, roof ventilation
2.With waterproof and the filtration dust inlet, the cabinet front door shutters

Detailes of SHW48500 Solar DC Power System:

SHW48500 Solar  System Rectifier Module(1-10pcs)    MPPT Solar Charge Controller(1-10pcs)
MPPT Solar Charge Controller
MPPT Range @Operating Voltage  60 ~115VDC
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage  145VDC
Maximum PV Array Power 3000W
Maximum Input Current 50A
Nominal Battery Voltage  42-58VDC
Maximum Charge Current  50A
Maximum Efficiency 98%
Charging Method Three stages: bulk, absorption and ?oating
Overload Protection  > 110% : audible alarm 
Overcharge Protection Yes
Polarity Reversal Protection @Solar Cell & Battery Yes
LCD Panel  LCD panel indicating solar power, load level, battery voltage/capacity, charging current, and fault  conditions
LED Display Three indicators for solar, charging, and load status
Rectifier Module
Rated input voltage 220V
AC input Voltage range AC  90-290V
input Frequency range  45-65HZ
Power factor ?0.99
Efficiency >92% 
Rated output voltage 48V
 Rated output current  0-50A
Voltage range 42-58V
Humidity 0 ~ 100% RH (No condensing)
Operating Temperature  -20
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