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The advantages and disadvantages of fixed aluminum solar frames

The solar aluminum frame is an indispensable part for installing solar panels. It can effectively extend the service life of solar panels and improve the working efficiency of solar panels. There are two main methods for installing aluminum solar frames: fixed installation and movable installation.


Today, we mainly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of fixed aluminum solar frames.


Solar aluminum frame

Solar aluminum frame

The fixed aluminum solar frame can be known from the name, this is a fixed installation method. Its biggest advantage: after installation, it can firmly fix the solar panel without deforming the solar panel, with better protection performance and high stability. Against natural disasters, such as severe storms, snow, etc., the pressure resistance is better.


Although the fixed aluminum solar frame can have good fixability and pressure resistance, its subsequent availability is poor. When installing the photovoltaic module, the bracket part contains aluminum pillars, front supports, rear supports, beams, connecting plates and other assembly elements from the basic embedded parts to the photovoltaic panel assembly. Once the solar aluminum frame is installed with a fixed installation method, the solar panel can no longer be adjusted. If forced to disassemble and adjust, it is easy to cause damage to the solar panel or related original assembly.


It can be seen that the fixed installation method has the disadvantage that it cannot be changed after installation, which is disadvantageous for the subsequent recycling and replacement of the solar frame.


These are the advantages and disadvantages of fixed solar aluminum frames. If you are interested in solar aluminum frames, please contact Jiangyin Mingding Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.