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Wrapping an attractive Gift

Generally speaking, whoever the gift is going to be presented to, you have to warp it to make it more dedicate. Let's start off with the basic technique for wrapping commonly-shaped gifts. Here are some ways of how to wrap a gift more beautiful on your own.

Before wrapping the gift, you have to take the price tag off the gift before wrapping it. You have to prepare tools like cardboard gift box, gift paper scissor, pencil and so on. Now let’s begin.

The first step of how to wrap a gift is using a cardboard gift box to pack the gift. The cardboard gift box has a function of protecting gifts inside. Some cardboard gift box is designed so beautiful that you don’t have to use gift paper to cover it. You can directly use a decorative ribbons, threads and beads to make it more beautiful.

The second step of how to wrap a gift is using a roll of gift wrapping paper. If your gift doesn’t have an additional cardboard gift box, you can use gift wrapping paper instead. Your choice of gift wrapping paper may be determined by the season or occasion. Different occasions should have different Blue SKKY Wine Box. Place your gift on the unrolled wrapping paper on a flat surface. Then bring the other wrapping paper end up to meet the paper end that you already wrapped over the top. When you've found the length of paper and figured out how wide, you can take a look at how much paper is overhanging on either side of your gift because too much overhang will complicate later steps in the gift wrapping process. Before cutting the paper you'd probably leaveaboutsix inches of paper stretching beyond the gift on each side. Use the pencil once more to mark where you need to cut the paper. Then use scissors to cut it! Finally you can choose a correct width and then use scissors to cut it!

The last step of how to wrap a gift is decorating. To decorating your gift, you can use either ribbon or a bow. If you use ribbon, be sure to wrap it around your package and figure out the proper length you need before proceeding to cut the ribbon. You might want to put a tag on it. You spent lots of time on gift wrapping; it would be a shame if the wrong person tore it open!

Actually wrapping a gift is not a different thing if you learn the ways of how to wrap a gift above carefully. If you have more question of gift wrapping, you can visit www.shangyupackaging.com for more information.