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What Is Carbon Filter and How It Works

What Is Carbon Filter

Carbon filter is a method of filter which can greatly remove the contaminants and impurities in the air. The carbon filter has been widely used in many filtration systems for its great performance. Carbon filter is one of the most

How Carbon Filter Works

The working progress of the carbon filter is quite simple; it adsorbs the impurities in the air. A report shows that carbon filter can absorb almost 60 percent of its weight. When air passes through the carbon filter, airborne gases, chemicals, and odors will be absorbed on the surface of the carbon, and will stay on it. So at last the clean air will come out of the carbon filter.

Even though the pollutants are extremely small, the carbon filter can absorb them effectively as well.

Carbon filter is like a sponge. So the more carbon filters in the filtration system, the more pollutant the air purifier can remove. When you are choosing an air purifier with carbon filter, make sure you know the size and amount of the carbon filter in this air purifier, for the size and amount is related to the lifespan and purifying ability of the air purifier.

Benefits of Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filter is one of the most effective methods to remove gases, chemicals, cigarette smoke and other odors from the air. The activated carbon filter is especially useful in removing the impurities from the air in labs.

Many high-quality air purifiers contain activated carbon filter inside the system. Another benefit of the activated carbon filter is that the activated carbon filter can be specially designed to absorb certain impurities in the air. For example, if you want to remove the VOCs in the room, this specially designed activated carbon filter which I targeted on VOCs can remove the majority of the VOCs in the air. Of course, VOCs are not the only pollutants that are removed.

All in all, the carbon filter is always your best choice for you and your family. But of course, there are many types of carbon chemical filters on the market, if you are ready to invest in the health and comfort of your family by using the carbon filter, I recommend you Shanghai Hefil Purifying Equipment Manufacturing, one of the best filter manufacturer all over the world.

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