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World and China Diamond Tools Market Report

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Here is an article which is Google shows for usaboutthe diamond tools market.

There is a Consulting company released new research on Diamond Tools report. The report contains data on the world market by product type in the following end-user industries: Stone Quarrying, Stone Industry, Processing & Construction, Concrete Company and so on. The product tools include: Diamond saw blades, diamond segments, diamond wire saws, diamond grinding wheels, diamond core drill bits, gang saws blades, diamond profiling wheel, diamond polishing pads, Diamond frankfrut, Diamond Fickert and other stone cutting tools. From 2001 to 2008, the world market for diamond tools grew at an average annual rate approaching 10%. From 2009-2014, the market will continue to grow strongly at an average of 6.3% annually. Within each of the main end-use markets for diamond tools (stone industry and, construction industry) growth rates vary considerably.

Exhibit One shows the total market for diamond tools by tool type. In 2009, diamond saw blades, diamond grinding wheel, Diamond segment, Diamond wire saws and grinding wheels made up over 80% of the total market for diamond tools. The main driving factors in the growth of the diamond tool industry continues to be: the decrease in the cost of synthetic diamonds; increasing efficiencies in diamond tool manufacturing; and advances in materials sciences.

Main manufacturers & suppliers worldwide from Italy, China, Korea, India, Turkey.

According to different customers' demands in world market, ChinShine has been developing and optmizing our tools to fit customers' individual requires. You can buy diamond tools from us directly or from our agent. Our tools can be used in many types of machines for Concrete, granite, marble, artificial marble, quartz stone, etc.

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